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How to Breed Dragons in DragonVale Game

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dragonvale game dragon breeding

If you are looking for tips to breed your dragons in a better way, then you must be quite familiar with playing the Dragon vale game by now. It is pure fun to raise the dragons and cross-breed them to create unique dragons.

Building up the zoo of Magical Dragons is a great experience. Unfortunately, you will have to face many problems in acquiring some of eh dragons. But you should keep on trying and follow our tips to breed the dragons faster and better.

Try for the tough combinations

As you already know, the dragons are from various elements. It isn’t very easy to get the Moon Dragons or the Rainbow Dragons.

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  • You have to keep on trying various breeding combinations.
  • Your aim should be to have at least a couple of each dragon. But initially, you cannot do so, as you have to keep on breeding the ones with lesser breeding time to yield money in less time.

All the breeding combination doesn’t work. That is why I have listed down some of the major ones which will help you to get the rare dragons.

  • Sometimes, however hard you try, you cannot get some dragons. It is because a few of the dragons are seasonal.
  • Keep on purchasing the hybrids as the Breeding Islands. It will increase the chance of getting rare dragons when you are trying different combination breeding.
  • Breeding the hybrids with eh regular ones yields a good result too. For instance, it is not uncommon to get a Plasma dragon after breeding the Lightning with Seaweed.

Elemental dragons

Do you know the elemental dragons? Well, here is the list of them.

  1. Earth Dragon
  2. Fire Dragon
  3. Metal Dragon
  4. Plan dragon
  5. Lighting Dragon
  6. Cold Dragon
  7. Water Dragon

You have to use your coins to purchase these dragons and also you have an option to generate then using dragonvale unlimited gems and coins apk which are readily available on the internet.

Mario Kart Tour Enhanced Strategies and Skills

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Mario Kart Tour is one of the best and perfect racing games that Nintendo has ever made for mobile gamers. Currently, millions of players are playing, and many of them are just wanted to get memories of old Mario, which was the most loved game in those old times.

Nintendo is a popular developer and publisher, and they always give great surprises to the gamers, and now they have given the surprise to the mobile gamers by giving Mario in racing tracks.

Mario Kart Tour is an amazing age but in order to win you have to learn some strategies and skills because it is very competitive.

Win every race

Winning is the main result of the game, and if you are in any other position of the game, then you have to keep work hard to win and make other opponents lose.

At the beginning of the game, it can be easy for you to win as you reached a higher level of the game. You will find that opponents are very strategic, and they use everything to win.

You can also use many things to win, and that guide is written below –

Make strategy

Well, it’s a racing game, but it is important to make a strategy to win because it is different from other racing games. In Mario Kart Tour, opponents use powers to slow down the enemy, and it is one of the most difficult things to avoid.

So here is one tip for you that always make the distance from the enemy because you’ll never know when they will use their power on you.

Every player uses powers to win the match, and it is legal to point in the game. You have to be like them if you really want to win every game of Mario Kart Tour.

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Use frenzy mode power

Frenzy mode is very crazy, and you can use it to defeat the enemy lots of times in the race. Every opponent can use the frenzy mode powers because it is available in the game.

It depends on timing and the perfect angle to use. Whenever you see the enemy in right front of you, and then just use it to make them stop and win the battle as per your potential.

It is one of the best things about Mario Kart Tour because players love to use it, and it looks so dope and crazy use to driver do action and make the enemy stop.

Learn tracks

There are several tracks in the game, and you have to learn them in order to be a perfect gamer of Mario Kart Tour. As an expert player of the game, it is my suggestion to you that you should learn every turn and obstacle of the track because majority players lose the race because of this reason.

If you are willing to be a great winner, then just don’t stick any turn and crash in anything that could stop you from winning.

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Ways to Grab The Rewards In Guns Of Glory

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Having a game like Guns Of Glory is really unique thing because developers really made this game amazing and impressive for the mobile users.

Once you start working on the outcomes of the game then it will show you best features. It becomes very easy for the players to use the army for killing the other army that is creating issues for the people.

It can easily give you great support so be ready to take its advantages.  In the beginning, players are able to check out the section of the tutorial that can help the new players to understand the great features of the game wisely.

Furthermore, in many cases, you don’t know what to do when you are going to face lower ranking in the starting. However, well, in these kinds of situations you can easily go for the talent points those will help you to become a dedicated player wisely.

Funplus launched this game for iOS and century games on Android.

It becomes very easy to the players to start working on the gameplay of the game because at the end you really need to work on the great and successful tips such as playing the wars and earn the money wisely. Let me teach you how to earn the rewards in the game.

Don’t forget to grab your free stuff in the game!

The game called Guns Of Glory has include various kinds of rewards that players can easily earn for better outcomes. Well, there are many great ways that can easily support you to earning the rewards on daily basis.

Here are some great cheats for guns of glory that I am going to mention in upcoming points –

  1. Let me start from the logging the account on daily basis, so if you want to experience the gameplay then you should simply start logging the game every day and collect your rewards wisely.
  2. As you are going to play the game, so you need to claim as well on daily basis. It would be really supportive for you.
  3. On every 2 to 5 minutes, you will get caps and other great things so be ready to start taking its advantages on daily basis.
  4. Instead of log-in, players can easily participate in the quests and complete the entire mission in order to earning the rewards.

Once you start earning the rewards then simply visiting at the rewards section in order to claim all the rewards wisely.

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Due to this, you can easily get better outcomes that can change the way of your playing so be ready to take its advantages.

Bottom lines

In the section of the Tribute, players will find various kinds of things that you can easily claim such as wood that is really useful for the players.

Instead of this, players can claim the other great creative things such as equipment design pack that would be really valuable for the players, so be ready to gain it and pay attention on the rewards section wisely. Nevertheless, you can read the reviews online in order to grab more facts about the gameplay of the Guns Of Glory.

Covet Fashion: Throw Out The Rules And Be A New Star In Designing

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Covet Fashion

Do you believe you know everything about style?

Throw away all the rules! For what goes along, Covet Fashion is not about pursuing the usual trends; it’s about being imaginative.

When you are mixing colors and patterns, your designs will be catchy. Not it’s time to see how they function and what you’re willing. So what to do in Covet Fashion? Here is my version.

Take part in the Jet Set Challenges

For some of the Covet veterans around here, it might be a soft tip. But many players overlook that the Jet Set challenges can be played multiple times.

It is the best way in the game to get a better score.  When you get a higher score, it enhances your aggregate style score and enables you to level up.

Leveling up is nothing but to earn diamonds!

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Play the Series Challenges!

Series competitions typically have a series of 5 to 6 tasks going every day. You collect cool rewards if you complete them all.

It is a simple version of continuous gameplay. Almost all of the time they’re a cool hair product that’s good, and they pay you for them anyway. It’s completely easy, and so it’s a huge win to do the show tasks and make a good source of bonuses.

Follow your creativity

It is found that players almost often score better on tasks when you make simple things together that sound odd and unique.

Indeed, players get more likes on their designs when they are more open-minded about costume designs and bring ideas differently. It is all about creative skill.

Join a Fashion House

It was yet one thing that can give you a collaborative benefit. You should be part of a fashion house since you can ask for advice about stuff before I get into the competition.

As an added advantage, in your fashion house, you can loan things from other individuals, which is convenient for becoming low on cash and diamonds.

Earn Free Diamonds

Covet has all kinds of third party associates that will enable you to make free diamonds by visiting and completing a questionnaire with them.

It is one of the excellent covet cheats to earn free gems when you’re still shopping online.

Contrast Your Look from the Background

The eyes are drawn to stark contrast naturally, and when you choose to style the outfit, you should create contrast with the background.

Create in a way so that it compares a bit with the context. In such cases your likelihood of voting increases. You could choose a light coloured outfit if the backdrop is very dark.

While voting, your fellow designers draws through a small moment. Hence they sometimes take no time to look at the whole suit.  Thus it is a significant advantage to produce one that first draws the eye.