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Everwing Tips Tricks

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everwing tips and tricks

Everwing is a smash hit game. The game can be played on iOS, Android and any laptop that has a touch screen. The game is played by vertically moving the guardian. You aim to blow away the enemies.

You are fighting with them in order to reclaim your kingdom. You can play solo or with your friends by changing the modes.

  • The rare and legendary dragons have individual special powers. Use magnets thrown by the dragons. The magnets thrown by the dragons attract coins, gems and so much other useful stuff.
  • Unlock the fairy Lily as soon as possible. She doubles the collection.
  • When you level up, you can unlock other fairies and quests.
  • Create a group on Facebook and use them to raid battles. To multiple raids close once and open again to raid bosses again.
  • Avoid everything while fighting with the raid boss. Watch out for attacks that are unleashed by the bosses — defense rather than attacking. You will score plenty of hits against the boss even when you are simply defensive.
  • When you are in the endless mode, collect the shamrocks just as you see them. Shamrocks are used to level up your fairies’ attacks for the game left.
  • Different fairies have different capabilities. For example, Alice is the quest queen. Sophia should be used for quest duty. She has a capability to do stuff at two times of the regular speed.
  • Go to control panel/ increase the sensitivity of your touch. The faster and easy mobility will allow you to move left right and collect more treasure and the items dropped by the enemies.
  • To defeat armored Goblins, which are highly destructible you need a high amount of fairy power. Everwing Hacks can be used to get free in-app purchases in the game.
  • To complete the mission in series, you are required to challenge the friends that are playing the game usually. The smart thing is to challenge the friends that have abandoned their Facebook accounts. Spot the friends that do not use Facebook. Use these rungs of challenges. It is also a good option if you do not want to be bugged by sending such notifications.
  • Set the option from high resolution to low resolution if you are using a device of an older version. The graphics will become a little blurry just like when you set the low resolution on YouTube videos. Still, you can see everything and make out from where the monsters are coming.
  • When you are on endless mode collect lightening and flowers. Against the raid bosses, you will get extra lives. By collecting flowers you can go forward, and kill the next five or more rows of the enemies.
  • When the raid boss gains levels, they will become more and more stronger. At one point they will overpower you to beat at your current level. When such a situation arises you can not kill the boss within the time limit. At this point, your friends and you can come again to attack and gain some rewards.


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