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Go through the Basic Concepts of Dragon City

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basic concept of dragon city

In Dragon City, there are almost 500 different and classic dragons in it. All these dragons are having with their own different powers, skills, and abilities.

Gamers have to choose the best and powerful dragon in the game when they make their city in it to easily perform all the basic tasks in it. Also, gamers there are two main types of in-game currency present in it.

The first one or you can say the first type of currency in it is gold and the second type of currency is gems.

Both types of currency play a good role in the game currency. Gamers have to learn all things about the elemental dragons in Dragon City.

Dragons in the game are present in different forms. Not only is this, but you also have to complete more numbers of objectives, events, challenges, and quests in it to get currency in both types.

If you are having both types of currency in good amount, then you easily do anything in it.

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In the game, players have to learn the gameplay properly by taking the assistance of the game tutorial. The game tutorial helps you in providing information about all things like the playing way of Dragon City, what things you have to do in Dragon City and all other fine things also.

Now, as mentioned above that here are two main methods by which you easily gems and gold in good amount without playing Dragon City –

  • Players easily earn currency in a good amount by connecting the game with Facebook account and by adding the g-mail account in it.
  • Gamers can easily get currency in both types by completing more events, challenges, objectives, and quests.

By using these two methods, you easily grab a sufficient amount of in-game currency in Dragon City.

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