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How to Breed Dragons in DragonVale Game

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dragonvale game dragon breeding

If you are looking for tips to breed your dragons in a better way, then you must be quite familiar with playing the Dragon vale game by now. It is pure fun to raise the dragons and cross-breed them to create unique dragons.

Building up the zoo of Magical Dragons is a great experience. Unfortunately, you will have to face many problems in acquiring some of eh dragons. But you should keep on trying and follow our tips to breed the dragons faster and better.

Try for the tough combinations

As you already know, the dragons are from various elements. It isn’t very easy to get the Moon Dragons or the Rainbow Dragons.

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  • You have to keep on trying various breeding combinations.
  • Your aim should be to have at least a couple of each dragon. But initially, you cannot do so, as you have to keep on breeding the ones with lesser breeding time to yield money in less time.

All the breeding combination doesn’t work. That is why I have listed down some of the major ones which will help you to get the rare dragons.

  • Sometimes, however hard you try, you cannot get some dragons. It is because a few of the dragons are seasonal.
  • Keep on purchasing the hybrids as the Breeding Islands. It will increase the chance of getting rare dragons when you are trying different combination breeding.
  • Breeding the hybrids with eh regular ones yields a good result too. For instance, it is not uncommon to get a Plasma dragon after breeding the Lightning with Seaweed.

Elemental dragons

Do you know the elemental dragons? Well, here is the list of them.

  1. Earth Dragon
  2. Fire Dragon
  3. Metal Dragon
  4. Plan dragon
  5. Lighting Dragon
  6. Cold Dragon
  7. Water Dragon

You have to use your coins to purchase these dragons and also you have an option to generate then using dragonvale unlimited gems and coins apk which are readily available on the internet.

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