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Covet Fashion: Throw Out The Rules And Be A New Star In Designing

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Covet Fashion

Do you believe you know everything about style?

Throw away all the rules! For what goes along, Covet Fashion is not about pursuing the usual trends; it’s about being imaginative.

When you are mixing colors and patterns, your designs will be catchy. Not it’s time to see how they function and what you’re willing. So what to do in Covet Fashion? Here is my version.

Take part in the Jet Set Challenges

For some of the Covet veterans around here, it might be a soft tip. But many players overlook that the Jet Set challenges can be played multiple times.

It is the best way in the game to get a better score.  When you get a higher score, it enhances your aggregate style score and enables you to level up.

Leveling up is nothing but to earn diamonds!

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Play the Series Challenges!

Series competitions typically have a series of 5 to 6 tasks going every day. You collect cool rewards if you complete them all.

It is a simple version of continuous gameplay. Almost all of the time they’re a cool hair product that’s good, and they pay you for them anyway. It’s completely easy, and so it’s a huge win to do the show tasks and make a good source of bonuses.

Follow your creativity

It is found that players almost often score better on tasks when you make simple things together that sound odd and unique.

Indeed, players get more likes on their designs when they are more open-minded about costume designs and bring ideas differently. It is all about creative skill.

Join a Fashion House

It was yet one thing that can give you a collaborative benefit. You should be part of a fashion house since you can ask for advice about stuff before I get into the competition.

As an added advantage, in your fashion house, you can loan things from other individuals, which is convenient for becoming low on cash and diamonds.

Earn Free Diamonds

Covet has all kinds of third party associates that will enable you to make free diamonds by visiting and completing a questionnaire with them.

It is one of the excellent covet cheats to earn free gems when you’re still shopping online.

Contrast Your Look from the Background

The eyes are drawn to stark contrast naturally, and when you choose to style the outfit, you should create contrast with the background.

Create in a way so that it compares a bit with the context. In such cases your likelihood of voting increases. You could choose a light coloured outfit if the backdrop is very dark.

While voting, your fellow designers draws through a small moment. Hence they sometimes take no time to look at the whole suit.  Thus it is a significant advantage to produce one that first draws the eye.